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Quote from corro79 View Post :
anyone know if this can be done with sprint and costco with SERO premium account? The verizon link says you need another "dummy line" to transfer between phones.

i have 2 separate lines A and B. A is upgrade eligable and B is not. i would like to use A's upgrade to switch B's phones.

I've searched these forums and no specific help. I also looked for costco cs phone number and there isnt one...

As far as I know, you used to be able to upgrade SERO through Radio Shack and Best Buy but recently I heard it wasn't possible and you HAD to go through Sprint. However, I just placed an order for a white through Costco and I am on SERO and it didn't give me any kind of error message. I selected the option to keep my current plan and renew it for 2 years. It said if something wasn't compatible with your plan it would prompt you to upgrade it. It never gave me any such warning or message and the order went through without an issue. Whether they cancel it or not I have no idea. I also took screen shots of the entire process showing that I chose the option to keep my current plan in case something screws up and they do end up changing it in the end. Sprint should be able to change it back without issue.