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Quote from jkinz View Post :
If it is your first DSLR I would think the D7100 would be "too much" so to speak. This website gives you a good run down for all cameras:

The Nikon 3200 and 5200 both beat the T4i on that website. But as big mike mentioned, Cannon tends to get the better reviews for their video. So perhaps in your situtaion, a T3i or T4i is best.
Definitely agree! Don't get the D7100 as the first DSLR.

I would recommend getting D3200 plus some other tips below!

* small: you might actually carry this everywhere you go and practice practice practice. D7100 is heavy enough and if you get heavy lens. You will end up not using it.
* kit lens is "cheap" and easy to be "throw away". D7100 kit lens are more costly.
* speaking of lens, get PRIME lens first and invest in a nice one such as the $200 35mm f/1.8 so you can force yourself to move around to take the pictures. And the low light performance is much better than the kit lens (18-55mm or 55-200mm).
* easy menus, d3200 has a guide mode that gives you some walk throughs.
* If you have to learn *1* mode other than full automatic to take pictures, learn Aperture Priority first. This gives you something called depth of field control to make pleasing images for the subject that is nice and sharp while backgrounds will be blurred. As you take a lot of pictures, you can gradually learn why sometimes you'd want to go to full manual mode which this camera supports!
* Set it to auto-iso for now until you learn how to control ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings.
* D3200 is cheap enough that once you are ready to upgrade, you won't lose as much when you try to resell it.
* D7100 is expensive. In an event that you hate photography or just don't need all of the fancy controls and settings, you're not wasting the money you spent on the camera.
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