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Quote from XReflection View Post :
S3 i9300 is the international version of the phone = no 4G LTE. It does have better specs though, with a quad core Exynos processor (I think that's what it was called).
i read on google that i747 supports ATT 4G but I guess not tmobile 4G?

thanks for quick reply. +4reps.

Quote from calvin_nr View Post :
S3 i9300 is the international version...Main difference is its CPU is quad core while as this one has a dual core. But the I747 has 2 GB RAM compared to the 9300's 1 GB RAM..There are also some differences especially with wireless speeds..Check this table out for spec comparisons.
thanks +4 reps.

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You'll get crazy newbies who call 3x a day for 2 weeks straight, and post argumentative paranoia demanding the rebate is guaranteed, in writing, by certified mail, on their doorsteps, by tomorrow evening. Then all the other newbie sheep freak out, and THEY call 3x a day, for 2 weeks straight, and the paranoia explodes. And suddenly everyone's carting their paper back to the retailer demanding a refund.
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All those who CALLED to confirm.... Your dad should have silently slept that night.