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Quote from flee View Post :
I think the cheapest it has been was around $208, every few weeks it drops below $225. $219 is a good price. I paid $189 for the refurb a couple weeks ago, as someone said they may just be reboxing the new ones and pumping them out as refurbs to clear out inventory, because the refurb I got looked brand new in a plain brown box.
Could not agree more. I received my $189 "refub" and could have sworn it was brand new!!! Great looking device with no marks whatsoever that would lead me to believe it had ever been used.

And I wouldn't wait: First off, they announce it in May, then add 3 or more months to release and it's August at the earliest. I know people keep saying that the price will drop but why would they? It's already half the price of an iPad mini and they seem to like the price point.(otherwise I think these would be far cheaper!) I mean even if they dropped it to $150 do you think they would pick up Apple share? Probably not.... iDevice users like their products and just dropping the price won't change that.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and get the 32GB version! I have 9 movies and a couple of TV shows on mine and with the apps I have less than 2GB free. Sure I could "stream" if I had less, BUT only if I wasn't on a plane or somewhere without WiFi!! And that is a lot more common than you would think!!
04-30-2013, 11:24 AM

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