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Quote from xlr8tion View Post :
This is the undisputed BEST TABLET for the money out there. My wife has the 3g 32GB model and paid 279 from NE last Jan. Who needs 3g when you can tether it-we got it as it was a good deal at 279 to us with the option of 3g ;later.

FOLKS ITS A STEAL. Asus usually fubar's some aspect of every device they make except for this and their Black Diamond Routers.

What's did the IPad Mini price point start at? 329? Good God.

Great CPU DDR3 memory and you guys want it cheaper for a 32GB?

Sheesh....Only downside is only forward camera but only idiots are seen taking pictures with Tablets.

Google hast Clusterf**ked every Nexus offering except the 7. I know...I have the LG N4(horrible radio) Asus N7-(perfect) and N10 32GB...awesome but it's sold only by Google Play so I forked out 500 at Staples to avoid a N4'esque order snafu mindf++k.

This smokes any 7" tab out there and I'll be surprised if ASUS ever creates another Holy Grail like this. They sell a thousand N7's to every N10.

BUY IT as it quickens the demise of AAPL-no hardware till better be EPIC!.
Where did you find the 3G model for 279?