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Quote from acmewidgets View Post :
Forgive my ignorance and laziness on googling this: I'd rather have real user experience.

Why such a high price for a blender? My $25 blender will puree carrots (As someone asked earlier) even crush ice. I can't think of anything it won't blend?

3 hp!?! LOL!! That's way overkill! My garbage disposal doesn't even have that much power!

Are y'all grinding bones with this?
As someone already pointed out, these expensive blenders are not for people who think a blender is just for blending carrots or making puree out of soft fruit.
I have an Oster Fusion ($60) blender, and my mom recently got the Vitamix. In 30 seconds, the Vitamix made a far smoother smoothie than my blender did in 10 minutes, and I had to keep stopping, shaking the blender, cleaning out the blades, etc.
You just can't compare. I bought a ton of carrots to use in my smoothies after I tasted what carrots turned into with the Vitamix. I can't even put them in my blender, because I taste all the grit that my blender can't pulverize.
It's such a huge difference -- not just in pure mechanics of a cheaper blender burning out over time, but also consistency of the liquified product, time to blend, and variety of what you can blend (peanut butter always comes up).
Anyway, a garbage disposal generally has ~1HP. Smilie