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Quote from xtwister161 View Post :
I bought one of these 2560x1600 30" about 5 years ago and it's still going strong. At this point, I think there is no point of paying the couple hundred more for a high end models.
If anyone doesn't have one of these 30" yet, get one of these and in 2 years or so, you can get the next technology one, probable an led. Cause if you get a high end one now and pay $1k+, you'll feel really bad when its time to upgrade in 2 years.

ps, having two 30" monitors is really too much, at first its cool, but after a couple months you end up using only 1 90% of the time. Its better to have a 30" and a 23" rotated 90 degrees next to it.
I have 2 27" 2560x1440 displays and I use both pretty thoroughly. I can't imagine having 160 more vertical pixels would make any difference in that. I use one display for an application or document that I'm currently focused on and the other for system monitors, chat applications, browser sessions, and running processes that I'm monitoring.

Dual-screen or nothing.