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Quote from alany611 View Post :
rep for anyone that can help me out here (source would be nice).

Someone said early in this thread that this monitor is overclockable to 120hz. Spare me the 120hz vs 60hz, it's my prerogative as the customer. If it's overclockable, I'd like to get one, get my fps to 120, and see if there's a difference. Numerous people swear by a huge difference that I would like to see.

I'm just not sure if it actually IS overclockable.

Also, would a single Evga GTX 670 SC+ 4gb be able to run this at 120 fraps alone? I'm assuming not.

Much thanks!
The only way you could ever get any sort of realistic answer is to say which games you're trying to run. Yeah, you can pull 120+fps on Counter-Strike 1.6 but good luck doing the same with something like Skyrim maxed out. My GTX 680 FTW 4GB + i7 3770K was running Skyrim with every possible graphics enhancement I could find at around 50-65fps.

Also CPU has a significant impact on framerate on some games. In League of Legends I went from an average of 180fps using my GTX 680 with a first gen i7 860. When I built my new system with the i7 3770K, 2400mhz RAM, and the GTX 680, my framerate went up to 300-340, peaking at 407fps.