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I know I'll get trolled for this, but between my girlfriend and I (phones for work and personal) we have this phone, a Galaxy S3, an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5.
By far I like this Lumia better than the rest. It just seems built so much better and just seems easier to use as a "phone". Plus, I know many people don't think of this, but the dedicated camera button is so much better for taking pictures. I just bought 2 of these refurbished from a T-mobile store for $180 a piece for my parents, and plan on migrating everyone to the new T-mobile plan soon. I love this phone because it reminds me of the old school Nokia phones with great battery life, easy to use, and it feels like you could toss it on the pavement and it wouldn't Also it can do wireless charging with a new back plate, has a removable battery and it can take micro sd cards.
So all the phone nerds can troll away at me for loving this phone, and all the WP 8 hater's go ahead and start bashing. But just to let anyone know before hand, it you hate WP8 without using it for an extended period of time, you have a small penis. I hope this helps.