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Quote from tron2013 View Post :
If I f'd your wife or gf you'd complain right? If you didn't, I'd keep f'ing her thinking you didn't mind. The complaint would be a negative mark against them for making the mistake in the first place. Not because they didn't honor it.
ahh, I see, you are perfect and have never made a it. Facepalm

Quote from leo037 View Post :
sweet, you found a store where you could reserve one, congrats nod

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"You can either Score a Deal or Sell a Deal, either way, remember where you are....THIS IS Slick Deals Cool "

Quote from AnotherSDer :
I just asked my wife about this deal and she said NO!!!!!!! After I hung up the phone, i said "to HELL with that"! I'M IN FOR TWO!!!

You don't need to wish that you didn't have a just need to exchange your skirt for her pants.