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Quote from dancergrrrl3 View Post :
I think I might buy this to finish painting my house! Can you tell me, do you have to use a paint BUCKET, or can you set a paint GALLON on that thing?
It's great because it has grooves for either a 5 or 1 gallon bucket.
Quote from duvalfool View Post :
I'm in for a Paint station.
You'll be happy with it. It's honestly a very fair price at $200 - I already got my money's worth out of it just by painting my house and staining my deck in just two weekends.
Quote from polymixa View Post :
Has anyone used the paint station for staining fences with oil-based stains? Is it easy to use? How is the cleaning?
I used this on my deck with Flood Stain. I am not sure if it is was oil based but it seemed like it was. It's easy to use but I would recommend you practice on some scrap wood or something just to get the hang of the fluid output. It's like using an giant automatic pain can, never stop moving when you have the trigger pulled or you will get runny pain/stain. It worked just as well as exterior latex paint. Cleaning takes a bit of time but REALLY makes up for the time you save. I'm talking, it took only a about 3 hours to blast the entire body of my house (6 gallons).

This is a steal for $100 everyone. If you are on the fence, buy it and return it if you do not like it.