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As a guy who bit HARD on CFL some 10 years ago and changed out almost every bulb in the house.... nah. I will not purchase another. So many have failed, and so many buzz so loud... or take a hundred years to get to full light output.... nope. I pray for the day LED gets affordable.

I am dead serious, I am actually changing out dead/buzzy/sucky CFL bulbs and replacing them with the original incandescents I pulled and put in a box like 10 years ago.

Oddly enough, the cheapo bulk ones I got at Home Depot have been much better than the brand name ones I bought individually. F you GE, so many of your $10 bulbs are dead now...

I'm probably just pissed I wasted all that money, make your own decisions.

Edit - oh I have 2 Feit LED bulbs for a couple years now and no issues. $15 a pop though...