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This is pretty good stuff, and I used to buy this and energy drinks. Now I make my own energy tabs for pennies. Get a Mg scale, anhydrous caffeine powder, and gel caps. I make my own now for pennies, compared to 3 bucks for a 4 pack of Swarms. Each Swarm has 300Mg of caffeine, and a bunch of other junk you don't need but I like the caffeine. I measure out my caffeine and seal up.

I mean Hydoxycut is FP, and you can make it yourself for 10 times less.
Or you can just buy Pro Lab 200mg caffeine tabs 100 count for $5.39 on Amazon [] like I did and not have to worry about filling caps and buying a scale and caps and caff anhydrous. 5 cents per serving and you dont have to drink an entire can of RedBull/Monster/Rockstar.
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Yep, your posts indicate you don't understand how to play the price mistake deals.
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Ha, I'm the only one in this thread who actually scored something.