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Quote from jczarn View Post :
I could be wrong on this, but it's possible that AAP tracks the serial number on the battery.

I say this because I asked about getting a dated receipt (for warranty purposes) on the last battery I bought from them. (Didn't get a physical receipt because I took too long to pick it up and it was already out of their "in store pickup" system). They said I do not need a receipt because they can identify the date of purchase based on the serial number on the battery.

Any thoughts on this?
Nope, its just a sticker (color coded per year) that has MM/YY on it. You still need a receipt because they won't keep replacing batteries for free every year and your replacement battery under the warranty will have a newer sticker so yes you need it.

Source: I was asst. manager @ advance.

Quote from jholman76 View Post :
Cool. Picked up an Optima battery. I tried to do this last time this coupon was on the FP, but they had it "on sale" for $10 less than retail so I passed. I got $50 off of it this time. Not too bad for a red-top.

Plus if it ever dies, they have a 3-year replacement warranty. I'm liking that! I was looking at Amazon, but apparently they sell Optima batteries, but don't honor their warranty. Plus... who wants to ship a battery back for service?
they sure do honor the warranty. with a receipt.

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