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Quote from danpaganelli View Post :
Also, please be aware that not all providers will let you use the Roku for HBO GO. I have DirecTV in AZ and Comcast in NJ and neither allows HBO GO through the Roku for some reason. I believe COX might, but you have to check on these things.

I have a WD Live HD PLus that I have used for a few years and this I have had for about a year and a half. I picked up the XS since I really wanted something that could do HBO GO and NBA LEAGUE PASS and AMAZON PRIME along with NETFLIX, HULU etc. The Roku is really hyped up to have more streaming options than the other boxes.

But since, as I mentioned, HBO GO only works on Roku through some providers, I was pretty disappointed. I found the menus to lag more than my WD and with no power button, every time there is a hangup or freeze you have to unplug the device. Since the WD also supported movie files from USB and through network play, which the Roku does not without setting up some sort of media server like PLEX, I re-hooked up the WD and moved the Roku to the TV by the pool and probably won't be used until NBA LEAGUE PASS is back on next season.

If you are looking at this for HBO GO just make sure your provider supports it.
Bought this for my BF house to use in our bedroom...was really excited that we could stream HBO GO...but if you have Direct TV it is not offered FrownFrown
I did not even think to check when I ordered it....
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