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Quote from MotorolaX:
Well after all the horror stories it finally happened to me over the weekend.

I bought an item from a merchant through rakuten and now I have charges on my card all from Las vegas stores in the thousands.

I almost always use paypal, but totally forgot this time.
Quote from rebutiw:
I have only bought items sold by and have had problems with stolen credit cards . I think it is a problem with their system and not third party sellers. There were no problems when I had been using paypal as a payment option.

Quote from cpeed:
Another fraudulent cc charge here after using Rakuten. Mine was for $180 at some hotel in London.

Quote from jastisatya:
Brought to the notice of google trusted store
Brought to the notice of google trusted store,here is the communication happened.

It is not related to order #xxxxxx .
After i placed Order #yyyyyy a month back fraudulent charges started appearing on my credit card , i immediately cancelled my credit card.
The credit card in question is never used online expect on Rakuten.At that time i did not suspected it is because of my purchase on Rakuten until i came across the below threads


that it is not stray incident and credit card information is going out from Rakuten.

I purchased or trusted Rakuten because it shows Google trusted store authorization.
I don't want Google to give this authorization to websites who does not follow proper security measures.
Please make sure Google trusted store authorization holds its value.


Hello xxx,
Thank you for the prompt response. We will bring this information to and continue to update you on the status of this credit card issue as we try to resolve it. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.
Best Regards,
The Google Trusted Stores Team
Let us see what Rakuten comes up with.

Quote from rbcrewser:
Those in this thread thinking they're isolated from fraudulent charges if they use PayPal instead of a listed credit card are living in a bubble. I'd be willing to bet that despite constant warnings to never do so, many have the same password on their rakuten account as their PayPal account simply because people are lazy. And if rakuten's system is obviously already so compromised as to get these unexplained charges on people's accounts, what on earth makes people think that passwords aren't compromised too?

Fwiw I had issues when rakuten was with cc fraud. Seems like they've continued to ignore their security loopholes.

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