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Quote from audiokingman View Post :
Are you claiming that these $10 jumper cables will not work for their intended purpose?
It depends. They will work okay for batteries that are too weak to start the car but otherwise good, as long as the cables aren't stored in a harsh environment. Once aluminum cables start to corrode (especially where they attach to the clamps) they are useless. At its best, an 8 gauge aluminum cable can't safely carry enough current to start a car with a severely depleted battery, or a battery that won't hold a charge due to cell failure.

In all cases, allow the battery to charge for 5-10 minutes while hooked to the good car's system before trying to start the dead car. These cables aren't sized big enough for anything more than that.

I would not have these in my car - or my wife's car. I have been stranded and seen MANY others "burned" by crappy cables. If you want a set that will give you a quick, reliable full current start, you should have good copper cables that are 2 gauge or bigger.

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