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Quote from turnne View Post : must have the eyesight of an eagle....laugh out loud

from 8 feet away a person with 20/20 vision cannot tell the difference between 1080P and 4K

Now...the other issue

the TV in this thread is low end

I bet if you looked at say the new VT60..or Samsung F8500 vs this TV at 8 feet away you would prefer either of the 1080P displays...for level and panel uniformity

for someone with the eyes on an eagle those would have to be paramount...

and that new Sony 4K...really...I saw it at BB for $7K..65"

I walked over to the Sharp Elite 70" and liked it better

there are big differences in full array with local dimming vs edge lit LED

I really want to know where the market is for a buyer who is going to send $7K for an edge lit LED

seriously?....with that color change in off angle viewing

No thanks
Look I know "math" or "science" will tell you this but the fact is there is a difference. You might not notice a difference because I doubt the floor models are actually showing you native 4k content but it's there. Also check out the owners thread for that Sony 4k model on avs most people are reporting a clear difference.

I don't know why I keep arguing with people who haven't seen 4k in person. I promise you there is a huge difference in quality between a 50-65 inch 4k screen running *native* 4k resolution vs 1080p.

Now.. ya this TV sucks and im sure the black levels are awful and the color is off especially out of the box. The red forums state once you get in to the service menu and calibrate it properly it looks good though. I'm not even saying you should buy this TV it's obviously a low end TV.. but on a discussion of 4K vs 1080p there is a huge difference. Compare a top of the line 4k Sony TV to a top of the line Sony 1080p TV and there *is* a difference.