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Quote from The Love Spud View Post :
A sad update for LG L9 owners or prospective buyers as the update to Jelly Bean has been "paused" for now:

The phone is still a decent value as a retail, prepaid device, but the availability of Jelly Bean at this price point in this sales channel had really made this a pretty slick deal. Hopefully the patch will be updated and rereleased soon.
That may be for the best, I got the update and it's not very polished. People said it would have the capability to move apps to the SD card but it doesn't. It removed my favorite widget to do environment control. It did fix an issue with the brightness in the web browser. It broke google play but I was able to get it working again. It changed the standard font which is weird. Whenever I turn on WIFI it always asks if I want to read the details... seriously, ask only once and give me a check box to NEVER ASK AGAIN!!!
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