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Quote from Coon View Post :
Sorry, it's not, do a little research before a drive like this gets on the front page. I cannot believe this made it to the front page. I just bought the Samsung 840 MZ... 250GB drive this past Sunday off of Amazon for $170(I bought it through Amazon, not the other venders):

That is Amazon's every day price. Here is the comparision:

Sorry, I do not see a hug difference in the two drive and yes, the one I bought is $10 more but it's 10gb bigger too.

Sorry, I do not find this a a good deal....
The drive you are referring to is the "value" Samsung 840 that uses TLC memory instead of the MLC memory that the "Pro" uses. This Sandisk also appears to use MLC. This matters to some and to others it does not.

It appears from your link that you searched for the "Samsung Pro 840 250GB" which is a drive that does not exist. The Pro is 256gb. That's why you got mixed results and Amazon showed you the Non-Pro 250GB as well, which as you said, runs about $170. The Samsung Pro seems to be running about ~$75 more.

Hope this helps.

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