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Quote from allyouhaveis1 View Post :
Great question. IMO, it would appear that this thread is attracting people that aren't eligible for an upgrade or have recently switched to T-mobile through another means and are having buyers remorse of some sort. I've looked everywhere and this is THE best deal at this time for this phone. Everyone else is $199 or more for the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 purchasing via upgrade/new on 2 year contract.

Also, have to add that most T-mobile customers are in the early stages of shock from contract-free enticings. I did the math and it made sense to stay under contract. Not for you, then don't bag on it. Am I right?

where esle you can buy s4 with upgrade. I did on my personal account with costco but I do have business account where I need to renew contract and costsco do not renew business accounts.