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Quote from rrmoore View Post :
That's absolutely disgusting behavior from Rakuten / internal staff. To deliberately poke fun at you for publicly sharing with others the personal attack on your financial security, based on their neglect, is shameful behavior. Save that e-mail. They're setting themselves up for a nice lawsuit down the road. I think it's definitely time for the Japanese parent company to see the goings on within their division.

(For those of you who haven't seen the close-up attachment that he received from Rakuten, please click on it for a close-up. Again, the SD user said he didn't not make any comments within a product purchase regarding his security breach -- and yet received such a 'recommendation' from Rakuten / Please view it so you know what we're talking about.)
The funny thing is that yesterday I searched for Credit Card Fraud on and I saw the book in that picture.

Search today, and that item does not show up anymore...