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Quote from yoyofish View Post :
i don't mind as long as it's not FAKE! I am sure Swarovski has nothing to do with this stuff.
Hi everyone! We generally view Slickdeals as your place not ours, and usually respond privately to customer service inquiries... But in this case we did want to clarify the whole issue of "fake".

The piece offered here, along with the other items we sell including Swarovski Crystal, absolutely -are- crafted using 100% genuine Swarovski Crystals, aka "Luminesse" or "Swarovski Elements."

In this case, Swarovski are the suppliers of the material used in crafting the item, not themselves the designer/maker. That's why we always present these items as "XYZ Pendant, with Swarovski Crystal" rather than "Swarovski XYZ Pendant" to avoid any misperception.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Feel free to contact us at or the 800# posted on our site with any questions or concerns.