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Quote :
ASUS makes a good products until they break (accidentally or otherwise). They warranty is a joke (you have to pay to ship your item to them no matter what), then sometimes they will want you to prepay the return shipping as well. Their technical support is a joke and there is a chance your laptop will be returned to you ruined, scratched and less functional that you shipped to them. That goes about their regular 1-year warranty. Never mind 90-day.
actually, i had the opposite experience with asus , I had a skype phone that was NOT in warranty. I sent it in for a repair estimate because my visa card was going to pay the repair costs (it was out of manuf. warranty, but still ok for extended warranty)... so anyway long story short, i sent it in saying please send me a written estimate and I will pay it. Guess what they did instead. Sent me a brand new (well ok it was refurbished) skype phone. I didn't have to pay shipping back to me (just to them). So maybe it depends on product.