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Quote from warmwxrules View Post :
i have the 1080p model...refurb...mine came missing a screw, but other then that, it looked perfect... these things are so light, and thin...1080p screen is gorgeous...especially if you have 1080p content, like off my digital 60 frames per second, its crazy nice.

Couple issues...i can't type of these things very well...always have the cursor jump around..i think its the huge trackpad that does it (my hand brushes it?)... The trackpad/buttons are issues...wifi works fine... the sd card hangs out the side..not a big issue. my hinges creak a little when opening/closng... the sound is great...

this is a good price..not great..i paid less for the 1080p...
In the trackpad options you should maximize the "palm touch protection" circle, or whatever it is. Should fix this issue.
Quote from Michael Dallas View Post :
You're full of sh*t and don't know what you're talking about ... here we 're talking using this cable for subwoofer ...think again ... and shut TF up