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Quote from turnne View Post :
just so you have some correct information

Best Buy will match Costco

For example

if you have been around slick deals for long you have no doubt seen the threads about frys ads with "major name brand" listed
The price is not on the frys website..and the brand is not in their ad

if the best buy is in the same market as the frys they will price match on the equivalent item in stock at the local store

Check several threads here and you can verity that...and BB matching other retailers as well

You might call the Best Buy you spoke to and tell them that their specific price match policy doesn't appear to coincide with the other 99% of the Best buy's in the country..or with the Best buy website

As for the credit card...really..?
if you want to throw that in you can get a reward zone MasterCard and get more than 5% cash back as well as a percentage back( at BB) on your other purchases at any merchant
Though i am not sure why you even brought up the Amex credit card....complete side item.

if you want to go down that rabbit whole I could say that I could use my Chase signature visa and get a free year of manufacturer warranty and $50 off my next plane ticket on SW airlines
My visa offers extended I could pay the $50 I saved on the airline ticket and buy a 5 year warranty from Visa

I was incorrect in my last post on the financing...its actually 24 months( not 18) free money at BB with TV purchases over $599

There is no restocking fee on TV's at Best Buy...where did you get that incorrect information? for their extended warranty...I will tell you from personal you are really incorrect

do YOU even know how it works?

BB does their own repair work for the most part...their have 6-7 repair depots around the country
As for calling 3 times and waiting a month...LOL....

You really have never used them and are clueless

I have used the protection program on a few occasions

example number 1

Onkyo 807 receiver....paid $499 on clearance from $999 regular price
It crapped out they gave me full retail...$999 towards another unit
I put this and $500 more towards a Yamaha A3000...a unit that is to high end to even be at a Costco

example number 2

Insignia 32 "plasma TV for $499
Panel went out and they said they dont even try to replace Tv panels
So gave me a gift card for full purchase price
By that time the prices of Tv's had fallen about 30% and I went up size ( and quality) and used the free 18 months same as cash

why would I shop at Best Buy?...they are a headache?

Ok..I guess its amazing that they are the largest electronics retailer in the a longshot

I guess when there is place with more selection and has the items I am typically interested in...which has been their magnolia home theater items in the past few years...I will look into it

until then....I dont see that I have another choice
I could rattle off a myriad of brands and models that BB has that Costco would not

Honestly..on a personal level I have spanked this deal all day long with a Panasonic 50ST50 for $329...and a few others i have posted recently about here on SD

There are really some better deals available than either of these retailers have ...from just a low price regard to Tv's
Costco is limited on what they carry and you wont find the higher end electronics that you can find at BB
the WHOLE point of my thread was that for this deal... I will be buying from Costco. PM or not.. Costco is the better store for return/warranty and price point. Bottom line. Buy from wherever makes you happy buddy. Im gonna stick with Costco on this one.

As for never using BB and there repair policy. My Panny 55 inch In my downstairs living room Took 3 phone calls and 3 1/2 weeks to get a repair guy out.. purchased from your favorite store BB. Thats the earliest date they had available. My wife even stayed home that day for it. So To LOL someones personal experience with them and hype up a Costco thread with BB info is strange enough. Makes me wonder where you have your stock. Don't see many people agreeing with you on this man. But as I stated Im providing my info and experience. Shop wherever you like. Sounds like BB is just the ultimate buying experience in all high and low details so maybe if you don't have stock with them.. You should rethink some things right?

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