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Quote from SittingMoose View Post :
You're spot on. He just wants email, web surfing, skype, office, and loooooong battery life. I figured it would be a good idea to wait for the chips just because of improved technology. I also thought I should get him full Windows 8 just in case. But now I'm wondering if I can just score a cheap-o RT tablet.

Thanks for the advice...repped!
For his need this would be perfect. Battery life for me even with heavy use lasted me a whole 10 hour work day, with like 10% left. Played a lot of mahjong/solitaire on slow days. For emails and such its so easy to keep up to date, literally 1 icon and its all there, I don't see how he could not like it. Also the stylus is great if you plan on taking hand written notes. I used mine a few times even for drawing it worked well.

Looks like the deal is dead now, gut definitely it will be popping back up sooner or later.