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Quote from jdramirez View Post :
I'd agree... the 55-250 will come in handy for sports or at the zoo... It's a good lens for the money.

Well, what that person shouldn't do is sell that lens to get a 70-300mm lens, Canon or Tamron variety. That "upgrade" would accomplish nothing as the range doesn't fit well with most standard zoom APS-C lenses and image quality isn't any better than the 55-250mm. Only thing is the build quality will improve, but at the cost of size and weight.
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I would get these for my wife but I'm pretty sure she is secretly cuckolding behind my back so I will have to pass on this deal this time around. Thanks and thumbs up.
Quote from Angry View Post :
What is the justification for the price increase to $19? I believe it is not legal to raise the price just because people are buying the product in an attempt to gouge the customer.