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Quote from jdramirez View Post :
I'm waiting for a better price on the sigma 35 f/1.4. It out performs the Canon 35 f/1.4. But paying 900 for the sigma just seems wrong, but paying 900 for the lessor performing Canon seems like a bargain. Something is broken inside me.

Either way... my buy it now and new price point for the sigma is $800.
+1, it's the resale value that's driving me crazy. Canon holds value better especially the L glasses. I would buy the Sigma in a heartbeat if the price drops to $800 LOL.

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My camera doesn't have MFA, but my 30mm doesn't have consistent FF or BF, it just often completely misfocuses when using autofocus. Sometimes it's fine, and sometimes it's not even close (but the camera thinks it has good focus) so MFA wouldn't help.
The problem could be focus shift when shooting wide open. Please try to use center point focus only if your aperture is open wide or stop it down to f2 at least. Also, you can send the body + lens to Sigma for calibration.