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Quote from rvmehta View Post :
i bought an S2 back in January for $299 plus tax from Walmart. but by now, i would figure that the S3 would have come down in price.

apparently i can get a free S3 at Fry's B&M (until June 6) but that requires signing a 2 year contract and being put on one of the more expensive plans. I really want to stick to the unlimited plans that are no contract and cheaper (T-mobile).

Any thoughts on possibly signing up at Fry's, and then trying to convert over to the new plan? Wonder how much that would cost.
At this point the S3 is still very very popular and still commands very high retail. As far as signing up for the contract and then switching, you are going to get hit with the full price of the phone so you might as well just buy it retail. For the money the nexus 4 is pretty sweet (if you can live with built in battery and no expandable storage). I have one and it works great on t mobile, I get 15mbps down here in FL.