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Quote from un_plug View Post :
Thought I read in their terms that Wi-Fi calling still counted toward minutes (talking strictly prepaid minutes/not plan). T-Mobile FAQ is vague- may only be the case for international and outside of US? Anyone know?

Yes, that is indeed true. I didn't quite get the WiFi calling ish from TMO (on other Droid phones I had GrooveiP tied to my GVoice #, I could then call over WiFi or 4G WITHOUT using my 100Min on $30 plan)

Last week I turned on WiFi calling on my S3, and sure enough, it ate my $2.50 credit, at 25minutes, call just ended. So in reality, I guess their WiFi calling is just for the user to have BETTER SIGNAL/making the call via their local WiFi, but STILL getting charged/minutes taken away... that's bull (I know some can benefit from this)

There's an app called Bobsled, which claims Free WiFi calls.. I guess it works like Groove Ip, Magic Jack & others.. haven't tried it though.. thoughts/input?

I'm just gonna stick to my PAID Groove IP App & GVoice#, once I root my S3 to be able to do TEther my device >>> Like I was able to on my HTC Amaze..

Anyone know if the Amazon app STILL REQUIRES a daily Log in???

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