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Private Internet Access VPN Service Wiki Information

Private Internet Access is committed to privacy, does not log and uses shared IPs. The US is one of the only countries without a mandatory data logging requirement:

Private Internet Access was rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars by PC Magazine and is PC Magazine's Editor's Choice VPN service provider.

The speeds and reliability and support is good for the money.
But they are registered in the USA so this ‘we don’t log or share things’ talk is hogwash. Any VPN provider in the USA has an obligation to work with the authorities (the Patriot Act and/or NSA PRISM) so this is as anonymous as HMA (non-existent).

Private Internet Access response to PRISM: https://www.privateinternetaccess.../06/prism/

Why you need a VPN

Speed Tests
351+ Servers in 9+ Countries


More Info on various services available (2013 edition)

5 Simultaneous Logins per Account
SOCKS5 Proxy Included

Android App

Heads up: Doesn't work in mainland China, so save your time and money if you plan to use it there.

You may also like to try a free alternative....

HotSpot Shield (American VPN, Powered By Ads) (Adblock Plus Extension kills off these ads in Firefox & Chrome.

Here are some alternative VPN services that have large selection of servers (worldwide) is $5 month

Setting up BT software Vuze (used to be call Azureus) to only use VPN connection (won't connect if VPN connection not available.)
Here is a tutorial of it.
Here's a tutorial for utorrent:
(Remember to un-check make new firewall rule in utorrent settings/prefs)

Enter the interface identifier into the field next to "Bind to local IP address or interface" in the settings.
Note that the interface identifier is named different on every system, so make sure to check how exactly it is called on yours.
In their example, it is "eth15" for OpenVPN, "net2" for PPTP" and "net1" for L2TP.

Make sure the checkbox next to "Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available" is checked;
otherwise it can happen that Vuze keeps downloading without using the VPN.

If the Vuze setup is done correctly, it will ONLY use your VPN connection. If you didn't login to your VPN service, Vuze won't work.


For those of use still trying to pay with Anonymous Bitcoins... or as Anonymous as possible... There is a good recent link that Zabeer123 shared with us in the thread... This is a step-by-step guide to creating an anonymous wallet for what ever reason... There is also an option to pay with a one time gift card....

Two Mostly Somewhat anonymous Payment Options


1st - BitCoins -
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Anonymous Wallet for Covert Practices []

Key quote/point of tutorial below (U'll still be on camera where ever u end up doing the exchange) Read & Read & Read the tutorial until u know what u are doing...
Quote :
Another great idea is to use the localbitcoins website; meet with a seller locally; pay cash and GTFO.
U can also take a chance & use a local BitCoin business found on Craigslist... Just make sure they have a physical business location... Like a cellphone store or something else.... U will be on camera at said location but it should lower the chance of getting ripped-off... And after 30-90 days or even less... Said business would probably overwrite u'r mug off their security system... Always change u'r BitCoin Wallets address for each transaction to avoid linkage...


- As anonymous as u can theoretical get
- Once you learn how to do it, U can replicate it for next time
- Should cost about 3%-7% above MT.Gox average price which should be less then $4.95 per transaction on smaller amounts of $75...


- U still have to meet some one in public or at their business.
- U'll still be on camera at Star-bucks or at a business
- U are trusting a stranger
- It cost money to wash u'r BitCoins
- Value of BitCoins can fluctuate
- Never use u'r homes Wifi to purchase or clean BitCoins. U'll have to drive to a Library or Starbucks...

2nd - Credit Card Gift Cards -
You can also pay with a CC Gift Card... They are available from different companies from different retailers... Get one that is not re-loadable but that you can add an exact amount at purchase time... Most run about $4.95 per GC... That way u pay the amount needed + $4.95... Call ahead to make sure the GC u are looking for is available where u plan to purchase... Choose a location where u don't normally go to... Wear a hat/cap & shades... Make sure u grab the right GC & that u add the right amount... Once activated/purchaed u probably can't change the balance... Go to an out of place retailer & not to a mall... Gas station stores are probably u'r best bet... Most of this info is part of different Blog posts old & more recent that when combine can give u the best option in u'r area & case... I've included links to said Blog posts... I included a hint to the best CC Gift Card... Said CC Gift Card will either not require any online registration or the only info they will request is a random ZipCode u will need to remember... Always use Tor & TorEmail when dealing with registration of u'r choice of CC Gift Card's... If possible use a public Wifi when doing said registration... Always use bogus info when registering said CC GC.... Also always write down the info u use for said registrations... Never use u'r CC GC at more then one service or purchase... But if u do... Only pay for the same service... NEVER use the CC GC on different services or u'll create linkage... CC GC do come with FEE's for u'r balance... Usually said fees don't start until 7 months or longer... So depending on how much $$ u add to u'r card & how long u plan to hold said CC GC... Be aware of how much extra it will cost u.... U will find the best option for u by reading all the links below...

Related Links:

How to Buy Things Anonymously Using A Credit Card []

Vanilla Visa Retailers []

How To Use Prepaid Debit Cards for Anonymous, Cash-like Digital Transactions []

Anonymous Credit/Debit Cards []

Privacy Through Prepaid Credit Cards []


- Theoretical a lot more anonymous then u'r Paypal, Visa, MasterCard... etc...
- Much easier to purchase then BitCoins...
- Easy to purchase if you do u'r homework...
- U can "cook" your card by waiting 30-90 days before using it to make sure the video footage of u buying has been written over...
- If u choose the right GC... It will probably be ready to go within 24 hours of purchase or the only info u will need to register online will be a random ZipCode... Don't forget what random Zipcode used...
- $5 per GC for possible anonymity


- Theoretical not as anonymous as BitCoins...
- Say Cheese... U'r on camera for as long as the retail location keeps their security video
- The bigger retailer u go to the longer u will be on camera purchasing the GC...
- GC's can incrue fees after a certain amount of months... 7 months, 12 months... Read the back of the GC before buying it...
- U might have to register the GC with bogus info online(Most non-refillable cards can be registered with bogus info... Write down what u use).... Use Tor & TorEmail for anything related to the GC & if possible don't do it at home...
- Re-using the GC negates any anonymity, So get as close to the amount u need... In this case $32...
- Using a GC for something that needs actually shipping to any address negates any anonymity too...
- $5 per GC for possible anonymity...

READ, READ, & READ & then READ some more... I think both of this payment options are worth the hassle to add a layer or two of anonymity when purchasing a VPN or other online service...

Thanks to all the Slick Dealer's that help us combine this info....

Bonus Links:

The Best VPN Of 2013 []

The Best VPN For P2P In 2013 []

How To Be Anonymous On The Internet []

How to Avoid NSA Surveillance []


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