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Dear Slickdealers,

Thank you for the questions!

Quote from MozartA View Post :
I assume the yearly deal is not lifetime deal?
This deal is lifetime.

Quote from Y314K View Post :
interesting... Can the folks that have tried both PIA & TorGuard please compare the 2...

TorGuard said that PIA still logs IP's in hash form... But TorGuard still links both user passwords (service & billing) together... They just do it differently then PIA... They create a wall but there is still a link... So the wall is meaningless... Logging & linking sucks... So boos for both of them...

TorGuard allows 5 connections & PIA only allows 3.. So TorGuard wins that one..

PIA let's u run speed tests without subbing... TorGuard only let's u buy 1 day trials... As best as I can tell... Things are hit and miss... But PIA wins it for letting u kick the tiers from the outside...

I think Torguard has the higher encryption type.. But PIA might have a better or quicker help department....

Still researching... Why can't both of this services offer a mail in yearly service pay option... Where we can send payment to an address with only an email address that we would use as the way to link the payment to a new/current account... Making it as anonymous as possible... And if they rip us off if we pay with cash.. We can tore them a new one online as a way to make sure they don't rip cash sub's off...

We do not log, period. Where did TorGuard make this false claim?

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is this for one connection only?
You can connect up to 3 times per account simultaneously with an unlimited number of devices (but only 3 at any given moment).

Hope this helps, and please feel free to keep the questions coming!