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Quote from hightop32 View Post :
a big USB battery pack should power a travel router for many hours.

if the travel router you bought and your phone support usb tethering, you could even use your phone as the WWAN and not need wifi.

pretty sure this overs all of your cases. additionally you could run this on your home router, tunnel BACK home, then out the VPN.
Might look into that.. But still 5 is better then 3... I know PIA things we are going to be giving connections away.. But the amount of devices one pair of people use in a home has triple since the 90's... 1(90's) x 2 (00's) x 3 (10's) = 6

Quote from FUqerr View Post :
Also, I selected the East Coast, but my speed is only 1.75 mbps when I usually get 15mbps.
Keep checking the other areas... Sometimes the faster connection comes from outside u'r state... I get best speeds from NJ & Chicago.. I am not close to NJ.. 25 down... odd... Keep playing with the speed tests to get an idea of service...

Quote from Verismo View Post :
Haha okay, i thought it was a permanent price onwards instead of a limited time deal

Need to get a prepaid visa card so i'm super anonymous
PM me if u are able to get one without requiring ID at the register.. There is even a deal on getting a PayPal PrePaid MasterCard at one of my grocery stores (no fee for it)... Gonna call and check what info they would need from me... Although I would be on camera & it would probably be link to my store savings card... Confused

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