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Quote from satanslover View Post :
As I said, if you can't follow instructions then don't do this rebate. What you're saying about TD activations is BS because when you activate it you get an email confirmation which is proof of your activation. You then send this in with the rebate. You use the same email for the activation as you do for your rebate registration. So you have proof of purchase (the invoice or packing slip), proof of possession (the UPC) and proof of registration (the email). Pretty simple.

How exactly are they going to make you jump through hoops if you have documentation for all their requirements? TigerDIrect even has a rebate guarantee where they will pay the rebate if you have problems as long as submitted the rebate on time.

If you don't like the rebate that's fine, but the "rebate experts" you are talking about are just idiots who are making people paranoid for no reason and making them miss out on a great deal.
I am just relaying what other experts have said (and these guys have done THOUSANDS of rebates between them)... and then I hear a few stories of regular joe rebaters also having trouble... so I have decided to stay away.. personal choice... rebates is all about risk and if you have been successful, then great.. more rewards for you...