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Quote from Oldmcroxxorz View Post :
Nothing at all, they even told me themselves. They're the ones with the run-arounds. I get rebates from everyone else except them (when I was trying to use their rebates that is since I haven't used them in a long while).

Heck at one point I think it was either ASUS or PNY, that I got sick of dealing with TD and called manufacturer to complain and even THEY told me to not bother with TD because they keep getting complaints about rebates (and they actually fulfilled it since TD wouldn't and I had followed all the steps).
Sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about back then. If you haven't heard Tiger Direct rebates are now extremely reliable and have a quick turnaround. I've gotten some back in as little as two weeks.
Quote from dsllsk View Post :
BTW, where is that additional $10 rebate going to appear tomorrow?
Is it expected to show up on same bundle page?
It will show up on the product page for the drive. Not sure if it will be on the bundle page but you will have everything necessary to submit it anyway. I'll post it here sometime today.
Quote from in_awe View Post :
Can you do multiple rebates for the same Total Defense product within a year? I got in on a free $10 Newegg gift card with Total Defense deal a couple of months ago and recently received the rebate. I'm wondering if that means I can't do another Total Defense rebate until the subscription year passes.
As long as it's a different offer number (which it is).
Quote from zea View Post :
Thanks for this - I hadn't put in my address yet so I only had the $7+ option. I'll be waiting until tomorrow and then get this either way. Thanks!
It might be your location in that case. Normally econo ship is available in the cart and then it disappears after you enter your multi-line address during checkout.
Quote from Moooshe View Post :
I'm doing that every day. Status hasn't changed since April.
The order in which 4MyRebate does approvals makes about as much sense as the order in which TD fulfills orders. Occasionally a rebate seems to get stuck but they do clear them out periodically. I've had a rebate or two (out of more than 100) get stuck in the documentation received state for as long as 6 weeks.