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Quote from satanslover View Post :
As I said, if you can't follow instructions then don't do this rebate. What you're saying about TD activations is BS because when you activate it you get an email confirmation which is proof of your activation. You then send this in with the rebate. You use the same email for the activation as you do for your rebate registration. So you have proof of purchase (the invoice or packing slip), proof of possession (the UPC) and proof of registration (the email). Pretty simple.

How exactly are they going to make you jump through hoops if you have documentation for all their requirements? TigerDIrect even has a rebate guarantee where they will pay the rebate if you have problems as long as submitted the rebate on time.

If you don't like the rebate that's fine, but the "rebate experts" you are talking about are just idiots who are making people paranoid for no reason and making them miss out on a great deal.
It's kind of weird that some of you feel you need to sell, even over-sell, these rebates and dismiss every incident/concern as attached to idiots, or the past. Maybe that's a reaction to some of the reflexive Tiger rebate bashers who can't let go of old grudges or even acknowledge things are different, or to the angriest of the Total Defense critics who experienced the black hole "automatic" rebates that are/were advertised as payable upon activation -- those are different rebates which are far worse to contend with. Why are these rebates offered and bundled this way -- they are hoping some sizable portion of us don't receive our rebates (the usual forgetters who can't be bothered to send in forms, others who may be intimidated by the activation requirements and others who may not follow up on a stuck rebate) or that we'll forget to cancel the auto-subscription or not realize we've been charged even if we have. As I mentioned in an earlier post in a different thread in response to one of your posts, I would consider doing another one of these TD activation rebates if the right offer came along -- since in my experience Total Defense is sleazy but not a deadbeat and the rebate processor is extremely good and reliable -- so long as I took the precautions I've learned are necessary/important to avoid problems and delays such as using a temporary CC or pre-paid debit card (my credit card was charged renewal subscription fees for 2 separate Total Defense software products even though I had cancelled my subscriptions on those products within a few months of enrollment -- getting those charges reversed took several phone calls w/ 45 minute hold times). As far as having that activation printout -- that does you no good in the initial round of rebate submissions since Tiger cannot validate your activation/compliance off that printout - only the manuf can green light your compliance. And, as I've experienced, that process can get stuck -- and require you to intercede to push things along. Though I agree with you that you will get your rebate so long as you follow the terms and are willing to put in the time/effort that may become necessary to push things thru or reverse credit card charges. Some of those problems may not occur -- and given your recent experience and that of others like bb182, the process seems to be working better and more efficiently. These are good deals for someone who knows the angles, how to avoid pitfalls and stay on top of the process. But it's certainly not for everyone and not all critics are imbeciles or living in the past (some get stuck in the past...others have more recent, valid concerns).

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