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Quote from ianko66 View Post :
@mky You seem to know a lot about how these rebates work. What exactly happens once we get the products? Activating the software requires the credit card, right, and In that case using a prepaid card would be the logical thing to do. But is there anything more to that besides having the rebate get stuck?
I think bb182 and satanslover have the angles down....they have done many of these bundle rebates recently and should be able to help steer you thru this. The software package comes w/ instructions for installing the software but the wiki instructions are straightforward and I would follow them. At the end of the process, you will have a Total Defense account that shows your software subscription(s) and gives you the option to change/cancel auto-enrollments. For my most recent activation rebates, I waited to terminate the renewal option until my rebates were approved (prior to that, I cancelled almost immediately). As far as payment method, I tried using a number of pre-paid Amex cards that I received thru Tiger deals (and maybe even a Serve card) and none of them worked (they had varying balances ranging from zero to $20 or $25). After these failed efforts, I used a credit card which sailed right thru. I don't know whether there's a problem using Amex rebate cards or rebate/debit cards in general or whether it was just a glitch I encountered. Satanslover suggested I use a virtual CC but I'd want to investigate whether those are fullproof enough to avoid potential billing issues and whether other (non-Amex) pre-paid cards like Visa from a Staples or Newegg rebate deal work. As far as your rebate getting stuck pending validation, it's a manageable problem -- make sure you have proof of activation (whether an email or screenshot) and give the rebate company a call if the rebate doesn't progress from received to approval status w/i 4-6 weeks -- it took several phone calls on my part (the first time I called, they put me on hold and spoke to Total Defense who alerted them there was a glitch in the validation process that would be straightened out w/i 72 hours; it wasn't - I called back 2 wks later and was told there was a backlog and it would be approved in 48 hrs; it wasn't and I called back and was told there was a glitch; my last call was w/ a supervisor about 1 month after my 1st call who apologized and took care of it). The process others are describing indicates improvements have been made. Just stay on top of things.

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