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Quote from fyu View Post :
you'd be surprised by how little difference you can actually taste, and how much taste is based on perceptions.

and why are you from Europe? aren't you afraid of getting cancer from all of our GMO foods?
That's your opinion. I had guests that told me how amazing the burgers taste. I know they are better quality then the general non grass fed beef.

To answer your other question, couple of decades ago it was easier to see the difference in food between various regions of the world. These days, with global economy it gets harder. What I do like about US is the labels so I can easily eliminate food with High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc. GMO food is not labeled so that gets harder to distinguish. It is what it is. I do believe that all the processed food, preservatives, GMO foods etc. are not doing good to the human body. However, to eliminate all that food would mean escaping to a deserted island. So we pretty much are killing ourselves but I try to do the best I can from what I can get.

Quote from PiratePenguin View Post :
While I can agree that grass feed beef does taste better, I will disagree on 90/10 being best for burgers.
More fat does give more flavor, but I only was able to find 90/10 for grass fed beef and it tastes amazing to me so I'm happy bounce
Do you know what beef they use at grass fed burger joints (like Burger Fi)?

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