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Microsoft Windows 8 64-Bit OS Software + Acronis True Image 2013 + Total Defense Premium Internet Security Bundle - $29.97 AR + $4 S&H @
I have mixed feelings about Total Defense activation bundle rebates -- they are a bigger hassle than normal rebates but create deal opportunities for experienced rebaters and others. So here's the bundle:

Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System + Acronis True Image 2013 + Total Defense Premium Internet Security Bundle:
$29.97 After Rebate + $4 S&H @

link: []

Bundle Price: $182.97
After Rebate Price: $29.97

  1. $60 Mail-in-Rebate [] - Total Defense Activation Bundle Rebate (See Wiki) -- valid 6/07/2013 thru 6/30/2013
  2. $93 Mail-in-Rebate [] - Microsoft Windows 8 Bundle Rebate -- valid 6/06/2013 thru 6/15/2013
Limit 1 Per Household

Econo Shipping approx $4 or FREE for Inner Circle Members.

Note about Coordination of Rebates:
Microsoft Rebate requires UPC from Windows 8 and Acronis.
TD Rebate requires UPC from TD software.

Note about Prior Thread:
Prior thread by TDMVP73 -- thank you. Deal included then "hidden" Microsoft bundle rebate ($93) which Tiger has since added to product page promo pricing, and different TD Activation rebate ($70) which expired June 6. Prior Thread

Note about Posting Inexperience:
Sorry if I've left something out, failed to follow some formality, or shown other cluelessness.

TD Activation Rebate Tips (to be moved to Wiki after deal posts):
Prepared by bb182 for a prior deal (with some minor tweaks)
Activating an auto-enrollment subscription is a requirement of the Total Defense rebate. You will be asked to provide a valid credit card at the time of enrollment (Visa rebate cards or virtual credit cards can be used). You may cancel that enrollment at any time -- if you do not cancel prior to the renewal date (in a year's time), you will be billed:
  1. Activation. Activate your Total Defense software online directly through this link [] or by following the installation instructions included in your software package. During this process, you will sign up for their automatic renewal service and be asked to provide a credit card -- you will not be billed but a $1 temporary authorization will be put through to verify the validity of your card information. An online account will be created during this process which you can access to cancel your enrollment or change your credit card information.
  2. Credit card Information. On occasion, glitches happen and it is possible that your credit card could be billed a renewal fee in a year's time even though you canceled your auto-enrollment. For this reason, it is preferable not to use your regular credit card when signing up for the renewal service -- but to use a prepaid gift card (so long as it has $1 or more remaining) (such as a Staples or Newegg Visa rebate card -- amex rebate cards have not worked) or to use a virtual credit card. Citi card and Bank of America Card allow card members to obtain a virtual number that sets a time/dollar amount limit -- this can provide extra assurance that they won't be able to charge you when it comes time to renew. If you use a regular card and a billing glitch occurs in a year's time, you can obtain a refund by calling Total Defense or disputing the charge with your credit card company.
  3. Cancel Automatic Renewal Service. Use the link on your TD account page to cancel the renewal service. []. Doing this will not impact your rebate. You may cancel right after your enrollment or wait until your rebate has been approved -- make sure you do it prior to the renewal date. You may receive an error if you try to cancel immediately; try again in 10 minutes.
  4. Rebate form and documentation. The rebate form requires you to enter the software activation code. Make sure you enter it correctly. A typo may prevent them from being able to verify your compliance and lead to a denial. Submit your invoice, not packing slip, order confirmation, or the order status page. Your invoice will be available the morning after shipment by following the view invoice link in your order history. "Proof of purchase of Qualifying Bundle purchase" is your invoice showing you purchased the Microsoft bundle software.
  5. Subscription Expires one year from activation. So long as you cancel your auto-renewal subscription prior to the renewal date, your subscription will automatically expire without additional charges.

Go thru ShopDiscover for 5% cashback. Other sites provide similar cashback.
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