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Quote from Jdmalibu View Post :
I spent 2 weeks without electricity in the past 2 years living in suburbia CT. With population growth compounding, and the energy grid busting at the seams, a generator can be a good investment for the safety of your family.
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You are lucky to trash the food only. During Sandy, lost power, battery back-up for sump pump depleted in I believe 4-5 hours, my basement flooded. Damage in the most-empty basement that was kind of my daughter's playground was about $40K. Most if not all paid by homeowner's insurance but clean up and construction lasted about 5 months. I bought 3500W generator but after talking to couple contractors for installation, I am going for a little bigger one like this. Electric start sounds great, remote control would not be much pluss as it'll be in my garage when not in use... Well worth few hundred dollar investment.
Thanks for your insight. Saw that it is now OOS online....I may run to the local Costco near my place of employment to see if they have in store.

The electric start may be useful for me if my wife needs to start it. It'll be in my garage when not in use but hopefully she will be able to wheel it the 30 feet from the garage to the transfer switch.
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