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Quote from mky View Post :
Right, this isn't the pro version. Tiger does have Win7 Home Premium for $39.97 after rebates. One of the rebates is the same as this deal (TD software $60), and the other is new (Win 7 bundle $83).

There is a way to get the Win 7 bundle cheaper (for $4 after rebate) but involves a little risk. You would purchase the 3 software titles under two different item numbers (which are collectively cheaper pre-rebate) rather than under one item number but the same 2 rebates should work. In my experience, the rebate processor will almost surely approve it because you will have purchased the 3 required software packages and have the 3 required UPC codes. Also, your invoice will not appear unusual because of the quirkiness of Tiger's system -- bundle item numbers are never shown on invoices but rather the individual components that are included in the bundle are shown with pro rated pricing -- so your invoice will show the same 3 item numbers regardless of whether you purchase the item under single bundle product page (see link above) or the ones shown below. The only difference will be the software will be priced lower and you will have 1 additional item on your invoice. The rebate processor's compliance check would confirm the purchase date, software title and UPC. They don't review pricing.

Here are the Items:
(1) Win 7 and TD bundle (w/o Acronis):
(2) Acronis bundle. Choice of 2 options (priced the same, each has required Acronis):
(a) Acronis (bundled w/ flash drive): or (b) Acronis (bundled with Eset software):

The rebate forms are:
http://static.highspeedbackbone.n...7%20US.PDF (registration form:
http://static.highspeedbackbone.n...20(US).pdf (registration form:
Yeah, that would almost definitely work.

I find the rebate center really doesn't care much about item pricing as long as you have the correct UPCs.

The $33 option I provided in the now deceased thread was the lowest cost without Total Defense part of the mix, but if you are fine with doing those rebates, you could bring it down even lower.