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I live in Montana and the power has only flickered on and off a few times and the longest it was ever out was maybe 4-5 hours. I bought this generator this morning just for emergency preparedness reasons. I have already purchased an alternate fuel converter kit for it, so I will essentially run it on natural gas or propane instead of gasoline when I need to hook it up to the house. I will post a YouTube video in a few weeks showing the installation and how things went. For the price and getting it with the 2 year warranty from Costco, it is the best deal out there right now for size, price, and warranty. I previously looked at the 7000/8750 Predator Gen from Harbor Freight and the best price I saw on that one was $499 but you still needed to buy the wheel kit, a battery for the electric start, it only had a 90 day warranty, and no remote start capability. For $30 more you get the wheel kit, a battery, the remote start, and the 2 year warranty. Totally worth it. Cheers!