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I highly recommend anyone who doesn't get their rebate, for any reason, to report the company who offered the rebate to the better business bureau, report the website that had the after rebate product to the better business bureau and to also file a credit card dispute for fraud.

I tried that in the past when one of the lesser used retailers decided to renege on a rebate and claim that what we slickdealers purchased wasn't an eligible product. Chase got involved, but couldn't do anything because I ordered the product and they fulfilled it. I'd still file a CC chargeback again since it's pretty easy to do, but there wasn't much that came of it.

Eventually, we SDers got our rebates.

Also, BBB has no legal authority which is why some people don't like them and/or make the mistake of putting too much faith in them. That being said, I filed a report once over a rebate and eventually got the money.
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