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Quote from Graphikzking View Post :
I honestly know very little about photography, but if you want a car analogy..

You want to be the fastest and you're not a great driver. Solution: Buy the fastest car you can afford so it gives you the best chance at winning. Right? So if I buy a GTR instead of a Vette ZR1 all people that know little to nothing about racing, a GTR will win 100% of the time. (mash the gas and go).

Now, I want to take good photos of my baby, buying better equipment will give me better results even if I know nothing. If I leave the SLR in full auto mode, or even RAW (and years down the line I can take a course to edit RAW photos) I will get better results than MOST point and shoots.

Now if you take an expert photographer with point and shoot, and they put it in semi-manual mode, they will most likely get better results.

So, many of us want better than average results but aren't the complete professionals shooting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendars (although I'm sure we would all love that job!).
According to your car analogy, an amateur with pro equipment will get good results, a pro with so-so equipment will still get great results, kind of like a pro driver in a Camaro, where the average Joe would have wrecked...

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