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Quote from francisab View Post :
Spend $150 extra, and get Pentax K-5 II (or IIs) instead (I did yesterday), new version and better low light performance (best in class).

Links for ref:
Besides the extra $150 and no manufacturers warranty from the link you provided... I also remember reading somewhere that the K-5 II has a slight shutter lag which is not apparent in the K-5.

Granted if they were the same price and there was a valid warranty I would go with the K-5 II, but that's not the case here.

Quote from Parachute07 View Post :
Is there any way in the app to see the whole title of a thread? I always just see it with dots, so if the OP doesn't put the price in the body of the post, I can't see it. Reps to anyone who can help.
Interesting... didn't know that. Will try to keep that in mind for future posts. I added it to this OP