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Quote from dhishi View Post :
Save your money and get the Canon 70-200 f2.8 II. You won't regret it plus good resale value.
Yeah everyone, "just" spend $2,500 instead of $1,000. Great plan, because increasing your budget to 2.5 times the cost is inconsequential! What's another $1,500, which is more than 99% of people spent on their camera body?

Quote from Jethrine View Post :
Good point. If you are determined to buy 3rd party lenses, get them used - they are always for sale much, much cheaper than new price. Nobody that bought them new can recover their money from them because nobody else wants them.
If nobody wants them, then why are there so many discussions about them on camera forums, and why do 3rd party lens deals consistently get so many thumbs up? I think you're underestimating the photography world's reaction to 3rd party lenses.

Quote from baggins348 View Post :
Newbie here. I am in need of lens that will work well with Canon T3i. Lens will be used primarily for taking dance photos in theatre. Will this be a good lens for me?
Yes, this lens is the perfect lens for dance recital photos. Indoor low light is exactly where this lens shines. The 70-200mm f/2.8 is the workhorse lens for sports and event photographers. There are arguably better options, but you'd either have to spend SIGNIFICANTLY more and/or give up the ability to zoom.