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Quote from dud View Post :
Please correct me if I am wrong ...

PIA's service is $40 per year. You are waiting for a "flash sale" that will effectively save you $8?

If I am incorrect please forgive ... but you are waiting to save $8? Damn, and I thought that I was cheap!
If you looked up 4 posts you would have seen the same question and answer....

Quote from blahbooboo2 View Post :
It's a measly $8 less than their normal price right? You're doing a lot of work to save $8 WinkWink
Quote from Y314K View Post :
U'r RIGHT... But I am a SD'r & I refuse to pay RETAIL... LMAO
Quote from blahbooboo2 View Post :
Haha well said Big Grin
06-24-2013, 01:48 PM

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