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Quote from extremenergy3 View Post :
Does anyone know how to combine all the network points together??? They seem to be all separate and it won't let me claim them...Confused
Put your TR number in there, select 1 from drop down hit next and start check marking hotels until u have enough points which is 1000. Very easy. U combine during checkout.

Quote from DealsAllTheWay View Post :
is myvegas game on facebook worth it?
Yes its slow but unlimited, this has a cap but it's fast easy money. With MyVegas game (you can get chip here daily []) I'm up to about $760 in rewards playing since feb between my wife and myself.

With this u get 27 in 30 min, plus 3 maybe next two days and stops.
myVegas takes u forever expect 50cents and hour lol. I'm always playing while watching my shows at night. Just clicking.

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