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Quote from nategator View Post :
I got a related question. I purchased one of the Rosewell GPS units and, after thinking about it, later purchased another. They are thus showing up as two separate invoices with two separate invoices. The deal limit is 2 items per household.

Should I submit them separately (2 forms, corresponding to 2 different offer numbers, 2 separate envelopes, etc) or together? If together, how should I fill out the order # space when registering the rebate as it will not take two order numbers in the space allowed.

I think the safest method would be to submit them separately in 2 envelopes, filing out 2 rebate registration forms, attaching 1 UPC per form with a copy of the corresponding invoice. Like you said, you can only put one Order # in the Order # field on the registration form.

I don't think it will be any issue since you aren't exceeding the maximum # of claims per household. The only downside is you have to pay double postage.